Interface services

Espoo’s comprehensive 3D city model is freely usable through a WFS interface as open data.
More info about interface services.

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Sample workbench:

Sample requestlink for browsers to get GML directly from WFS interface.

The index of CityGML building models integrity have been published on Map Service.

Open city information model from the WFS interface service

Espoo’s aboveground 3D city model is openly published through the WFS service for everyone to use.
The publication contains the 3D city model object types listed in below.

3D kaupunkimallin kohdetyypit
Data on underground infrastructure is not openly accessible. Instead, their user must sign a license and user agreement with the Map Production of the City of Espoo. See the section Data request service
Creative Commons -lisenssi
Open, aboveground city model data has been published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.
If you use the data, mention the names of the licensor and the data and the time, e.g. “City of Espoo, city model data, 09/2018”.

City model datsets are planned to be updated in every three month.
Each object have a unique attribute (releasedate) which shows a date when a object have been updated in interface services.

Interface technology

The WFS publications of the City of Espoo are based on the OGC WFS 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 standards. The service includes feature types based on several different schemata:

Schema FeatureType
KuntaGML akaava:, kanta:, rakval:, mkok:, mkos:
OGC CityGML 2.0 bldg:, dem:, frn:, gen:, luse:, tran:, veg:, wtr:
Espoo custom schemas GIS:

Technical specifications of the interface are available here: (Getcapabilities, xml) .

Some publications in the interface services are password-protected and not available to everyone.
Open interface data is described here:Open data resources

The names of the CityGML object types used in the city model describe the type of each object and its level of detail (LoD).

You can order city model data in import file formats (Sketchup, CityGML, DWG). Please contact Data requests are subject to a fee.

Open data

Data is available for free from the WFS interface service described above (Open data resources ) and the Espoo map service (file delivery for LOD1 buildings only, SketchUp format. PDF quide).

Downloadable data at the Espoo map service.

Requests for materials

If you need special materials or data, contact the City of Espoo’s Map Production:

Materials for sale

Map materials are sold 24/7 at Espoo’s eCity service:

Examples of data being processed with different software:


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Sample workbench:
City model data from the WFS interface in FME Data Inspector.