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Espoon 3D kaupunkimalli julkaistu karttapalvelussa (7.11.2022 8:00)

The map service now includes also the 3D city model of the City of Espoo.

The 3D city model visualizes the city environment, and enables a new way to explore and present geographic information.

The 3D city model includes smart 3D objects, surface models and point clouds from different years.

The user can freely move within the city model and explore and combine different 3D objects and information. It is also possible to search a location based on an address. Creating shareable links to the web map is also possible.
An example of a map link: 3D properties of Espoonlahti metro station

3D city model in the map service: Espoon 3D karttapalvelu

More information: https://kartat.espoo.fi/3d

New Open data releases! (29.10.2019 9:58)

Look at Open data > Downloadable files.
* Meshmodels 2017
Espoo Meshmodel 2017 from Leppävaara
and Maps > Oblique air photographs 2017

More info about Opendata interface services from Website : https://kartat.espoo.fi/opendata

The Espoo City smart and up-to-date 3D City Model (11.10.2018 0:00)

The Espoo City smart and up-to-date 3D City Model is freely usable through a WFS interface as open data.
More info from 3D Website : https://kartat.espoo.fi/3d/index_en.html

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