The smart and up-to-date Espoo 3D City Model is freely usable through a WFS interface as open data.

The 3D City Model is also available in the Espoo Map Service.

Espoo’s 3D city model

Espoo’s smart, rich, visual and up-to-date city information model serves everyone working in urban construction, planning and visualisation.

The city information model (CIM) serves as an initial information model, enabling more efficient planning and decision-making that takes better account of the city’s current state.

Providing rich and versatile information, the city information model makes it possible to analyse Espoo’s urban structure and infrastructure in many ways.

The interface service enables everyone to use the open, up-to-date city model, facilitating the creation of new innovations and solutions.


Up to date

As the city information model is maintained through efficient and controlled processes within the city’s technical services, information produced and needed by decision-makers, planners and builders is managed as part of the city information model.

Comprehensive and rich

The city model includes all main elements of urban structure, from land use to underground and aboveground infrastructure. Closely connected maintenance and decision-making processes ensure a versatile and extensive city model.


The city model is shared in a format that complies with the CityGML 2.0 standard for 3D city models, making it easy to use and employ.


Shared through an interface service, the open and up-to-date city model is available to everyone, enabling new innovations and solutions.